Our fabrics are developed specifically to optimize the functionality in each Lipati product. Functional running apparel must ensure a continuous regulation of your body temperature to protect it from not getting too warm or too cold.

At high body temperatures your body use too much energy to cool you down, and vice versa when it gets cold. Therefore we constantly strive to provide you with the latest functional fabrics to secure you the best experience on your run.

Great gear makes you enjoy the freedom outside


100% recycled polyester

The configuration of the yarns gives the fabric aflexible and built-in mechanical stretch, which combined with an incredible lightness, increases the comfort on the run. Parflex has a high breathability, high durability and feels soft against your skin.


100% recycled polyester

The perfect combination of breathability and lightness. The construction secures a complete moisture wicking and at the samethe fabric feels extremely soft to give optimal comfort. AirLW2 is used in Strato tee and Strato singlet


90% recycled polyamid / 10% elastane

Flexibility and lightness are the key words. Combined with a high durability, you get the fabric that always matches the most extreme demands on the run. Lapex1 is used in Cirrus LX1 shorts, Airshorts and Alto LX1 pants



90% recycled polyamid/10% elastane

The combination of yarns provides fantastic flexibility and stretch in combination with a firmness that ensures fitting and comfort no matter what position you get in. The PremMi fabric has a regulating effect on body temperature, a high breathability and durability. PremMi is used in Nimbo PC tights


85% recycled polyester/15% elastane

The mix of polyester and elastane gives a gentlecompression effect and along with the softness of the fabric you feel thatcomfort against your skin. This extremely light jersey knit brings high breathabilityand super wicking. MiEx4 is used as inner tight/brief in Cirrus LX1shorts and Airshorts


90% recycled polyester/10% elastane

High on breathability and a lightweight constructionthe fabric mix gives you a softer feel against the skin. MiEx3 is used as the knitted part at calves in AltoLX1 pants